Hopefully you're arrived here to check out more information about our wonderful photography studio and the other locations within our Splash Point Photo premium photography destination.. and hopefully I can do us justice as I talk you through it!


Group Shoot at Splash Point Photo Photography Studio

We can offer studio hire for just £20ph, and that includes all our areas, which you can move between during your session, and as you wish.  That's probably the question I get asked the most; whether they're all included, and on the same site!?  While technically our photography studio is separate from the house locations and the swimming pool, i.e. you have to go outside to access it, they're all still on the same private property hiding behind an Aladdin's cave like exterior.  Part of why we refer to Splash Point Photo as a premier destination is for that reason, because we have so much you can do, achieve and experience in just one location, and all while being surrounded by the beauty of North Wales!

Our main photography studio is where you'll find the practical elements, such as the infinity curve and backdrop papers, but it's also ever evolving and hosts some of our much loved USP's like the Neon Wall and 'Free-floating' steps.  Of course, this is where the majority of our lighting is housed too, but the lighting from the studio can be used throughout our other areas too.  When booking the 'studio' and intending to move through-out all our different locations however, we do suggest having an action plan so you're not zigzagging equipment back and forth, and that way you'll maximize your time and minimize your labour.  Alongside the strobes and continuous lights in the studio, we also do have separate battery powered lights for the swimming pool, and there's also some nice natural lighting to be had in the pool, boudoir and front room depending on the time of day, and of which can be modified via a scrim/reflector. 

Outside of the 'actual' studio (which we like to refer to as the lighthouse), is a lived in family home housing said pool, boudoir, hall and front room, and while we obviously appreciate the courtesy of you keeping us in the loop as you move between areas, don't fear you're intruding! 

Tour of all Splash Point Photo Photography locations

You can also check out galleries of all our spaces using the links at the top of the page, or via the navi bar drop down menu!

A few more answers to questions we're asked

-Yes, you can most definitely arrange your own models and bring your own team.  As mentioned, aside from our in house studio days, we are also available to hire for £20ph, each and every day.

-Yes, you can spread the costs with a friend!

  If you like shooting with a photographer/model friend, then by all means arrange a shoot together - this only gets complicated if you're hoping to have two groups running simultaneously.  This would require a specific enquiry because of the logistics of lighting and getting double the service / equipment use.  This doesn't apply to our in house studio days as some models may not like working with two photographers at once, so please enquire if you'd like to bring a second photographer with you to a studio day.  Bear in mind that strobe lights can only be used by one photographer at once.

We can certainly consider group events, tutorials and studio days not arranged by ourselves.  Having recently installed a 4k projector in the studio, we'd welcome tutorial events, and with laptop presentations should you wish.


-Yes, you can shoot art nude and lingerie images in the house areas too.  Glamour is ok, but we're not interested in adult levels, aka anything above full-frontal such as open leg and above, or at least not in the majority of our areas which are specific to only us.

If you have any other questions, then please hit the envelope!



And last but not least, and because tea is very important..


I'm always around to make tea.. mostly for me because i'm addicted, but if you're polite and nice.. I'll make you one too.  I'll also help you move lighting around if need be.

There are a few things I prefer to do for health and safety, such as taking down the rope swing from the balcony - so just give me a shout if you're unsure or need anything!



Leka at Splash Point Photo Photography Studio
When it's sunny outside, and you have two beautiful models to shoot with in a studio, how fantastic it was that the studio is Russ' Splash Point!  It was my second visit here, and I allowed much more time in order to use so many more of the sets and facilities available.  It's a gem of the highest order, and topped off with the superb assistance from Russ offering lighting and insight into the myriad of opportunities Splash Point offers.
Cannot recommend highly enough and hope to return very soon.
Paol Foto

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