Studio & Model Days

A studio day is a one on one event with a quality touring model where photographers can bolster their portfolio with huge experience, new faces, or recognised names who may not often be in our local area.  We try to bring a varied line up of amazing models to North Wales where you can use any of our Splash Point locations with said model for an hourly price.

In contrast, our model days at other locations will be group events which will typically take places over three of four hours with a group of photographers sharing the experience.  The logistics of which will be outlined for each event separately.  We're always on the look-out for amazing places in North Wales to collaborate with, where photographers will be excited at the chance of shooting some awesome talent there at their unique location!

Studio Days are typically  £50ph for photographers, however, these can vary from model to model depending on their rates, but we do try our best to keep our days at a nice figure by offering the model free accommodation while touring.  We can also offer a second day's work if the first sells out!  The more hours we can get, the better the models will be able to do their price for, but £50ph should be considered the basic rate.  Model days at other locations will vary again, depending on the model and location, but as with studio days, I will typically take a reduced fee if that's the dealbreaker, so I can offer the best prices for awesome events!  Hit the envelope if you wish to book any slots for any of our days.

-- the Duke of Lancaster ship group shoots --

We are extremely privileged to be able to hold group shoots for photographers on the front deck and private dockyard of the Duke of Lancaster in Mostyn, about 30mins from Splash Point Photo.  These events typically take place during the last three hours of light in hopes of a Sunset and are £60 per photographer.

-- previous studio days --

-- some behind the scenes from past studio days --