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If you're new to lighting/model photography and want to grow your portfolio, or you are an experienced professional  photographer who wants to work with established and touring models that are not often in the local area, and/or, of course, at our bespoke photography studio location, then studio days could be for you!!  A studio day is an hourly one on one session with a model, inclusive of lighting and the location.  Typically, people book a minimum of two hours, but there's no limit on how many you can book, but we do try to avoid single hour bookings as it becomes increasingly hard to fill the stray hour.

With photography studio days, just bring your camera and ideas, and away you go.  I'll be on hand to help with lighting should you need it, but of course, basic knowledge will set you free and improve your productivity within your slot.  There's so much information on YouTube regarding lighting these days, that it makes sense to get the basics down theoretically prior, and then hone your eye and experience when on the clock using practical application.. and more importantly, to enjoy creating and your time here!  I also did some because of the boredom through lockdown, and then the introduction to YouTube shorts, so I created a bunch of these basic tutorials which you can find on our tutorial pages here.  They're in Splash Point and using the gear you will be here, so that's double trouble if you're coming here in terms of getting familiar with it.  Quickly, though, you will need a camera that has a hotshoe with a metal centre pin to use our trigger to sync the lighting.  I also highly suggest a camera that can, and then setting it so, that your camera's autofocus point is a single AF point.  Search using a single AF point and your camera model if this is something you've not explored before - in short, you want to choose where your camera is focusing, and not letting it do so, and this is the best means of doing so.  In this day and age, eye detection on mirrorless cameras is ideal too, it's like a single AF point that knows where the eye is, and this means it's far more accurate than hovering even a single AF point over an eye, but that too may limit creative choices if you haven't armed yourself with the knowledge to override it.

Anyway.. Studio Days!  The hourly fee also covers the model fee.  This is inclusive of travel, and often models will lower their rates for a full day's work.  You can use any area of Splash Point Photo Studio, but we do ask for people to book the last slot(s) for wet work in the pool because of hair and make-up - you are however welcome to use the pool as a backdrop prior.

-- upcoming studio days --

Studio Days are typically around £55ph for photographers, however, these can vary from model to model depending on their rates and distance, but we do try our best to keep our days at a nice figure by offering the model free accommodation while touring.  We can also offer a second day's work if the first sells out!  The more hours we can get at the studio, the better the models will be able to do their price for, but £55ph should be considered the basic rate in the current climate.


Model days hosted by Splash Point Photo at other cool local locations in North Wales or North West England will vary again, depending on the model and location - often these will be group events.


Hit the envelope if you wish to book any slots for any of our days!

-- previous studio days --

-- the Duke of Lancaster ship group shoots --

We are extremely privileged to be able to hold group shoots for photographers on the front deck and private dockyard of the Duke of Lancaster in Mostyn, about 30mins from Splash Point Photo Studio.  These events typically take place during the last three hours of light in hopes of a Sunset and are £65 per photographer.

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