Missed the contact form on the home page?  Yeah, these fancy scrolling sites are weird, aren't they!?  Never fear however, you found this one instead, where you can also drop us a message for more information regarding our photography studio facilities!

If you need a portrait photographer in the form of Russ, or to hire one of the best Photography Studios in the UK, and most probably the best studio in North Wales, then drop us a DM by filling in the form.  If you put it in writing, then I can read and reread it without it going in one ear and out the other.  We are a private location and not a shopfront, so turning up without a booking can't guarantee you contact.  If you need a more urgent contact means, please try dropping us a line via Facebook or Instagram where we should, meta allowing, get real time notifications.  Of course, we can hand out numbers for booking in case anything crops up, or you struggle find us - speaking of which, Putting Splash Point Photo in to google maps should do the trick!   We also have point of contact on our Google business page and twitter!  As an introvert, my eyes will probably glaze over, and my brain will stop working if you somehow manage to ring us, so if you want me to retain information, please break the ice online.

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