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Missed the contact form on the home page?  Yeah, these fancy scrolling sites are weird, aren't they!?  Never fear, however, you found this one instead!

If you need a portrait photographer in the form of Russ, or want to hire one of the best Photography Studios in the UK, and almost definitely the best studio in North Wales, then drop us a DM by filling in the form.  If you put it in writing, then I can read and reread your details and concerns without it going in one ear and out the other.  I can then also refer back to it should it need referencing.  We are a private location and not a shopfront, so there is no point in turning up without a booking.  If you need a more urgent means of contact, please try dropping us a line via social media or our Google business page by the 'ask a question' button on the right.  We should, (meta allowing on the socials), get real time notifications across socials, and definitely will on Google.  I am however an introvert and have my phone on silent 24/7, plus Internet spam is bad enough, so the chances of you getting me by ringing are almost null and void, so drop us a message!  I will of course be attentive to my phone if i'm expecting a booking.  Honestly though, messaging is by far your best option, you have far more chance of me responding there than begging me for a number!  If you're determined to ring, I'll probably assume you have an agenda and want to sweet talk your way into something, hoping the in one ear and out the other will work to your advantage.. so again, dropping us a message is absolutely the best way - it is 2023 after all.

Putting Splash Point Photo in google maps should do the trick if you struggle to find us, or again, hit us up on our Google business page.

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