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Studio has nearly been painted!

So we've been chipping away and while there's still loads to do, things are progressing nicely. At the moment we're just waiting for the floor leveller to go down and then we can finish up painting, and that for me is when the fun really starts and the studio will start showing it's self properly. I can get my backdrop holder up, get some furniture and decor (MUA desk, super comfy barbers sofa, Oil Drum prop chair, mirrors, neons, art work etc) in place and start adding in some finishing touches. I've pre prepared so many cool things that it's gotten to the point where i've forgotten some and had to take a rain check as I may have filled some spots twice over... but It'll be super cool! It's also quite quirky (of course, it's me) given I had to make use of the space I had, but also because of some input from the builders such as the limitations of what's possible and even some creativity on their part too. They also did some long days, working to midnight on occasion, which has resulted in a definite bespoke touch in the build alone.. and that's before I stamp some finished touches on it.

Check out some phone and go pro images from the process..

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