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Christmas special studio day + our x-mas party!

I figured us freelancers don't get a Christmas party and that had to change! I had this crazy idea to do a group studio day to cover the model's travel costs, and I figured i'd call upon some Splash Point regulars. Unfortunately a lot of our models here at Splash Point either live abroad, were going abroad for Christmas or just fancy a quieter life. Luckily, Tash, our most prolific studio dayer agreed, and she was soon followed by Angel who jumped on board after her studio day here too. The added bonus was Tash had shot Angel (Tash shoots too and has a studio down south) before, and along with touring together occasionally, are good friends as a result. Louisa who has also worked with Tash in the past saw the opportunity to party while confirming early on.

That left us with the last slot which was filled, refilled, semi confirmed and changed.. right up to the day before the shoot. Then Lily rode in on a big shiny train (not quite a horse and knight in shining armour) and acted as if she'd know everyone for years... she hadn't. Right there and then, we had the best line up and chemistry we could have wished for.

I mean, the studio day was always an excuse to party to the point that I didn't take any money so the girls had enough to ensure their travel and a few quid extra... it's Christmas after all! And to be fair, they probably wouldn't have done it if it wasn't! Ha ha. So for me it was always about the pool party. Luckily, the photographers who'd booked time we'd knew previously and had been before, so they were all welcome to stay for the party too. So in that respect, the party was always gona be a part of the experience for all involved. I also grabbed my half hour with the girls at the end of the studio day to get some portfolio work for us all to make up for my lack of mula. Naturally with such experience and talent in front of the lens, half hour was all I needed to get some wicked shots despite some being a little speculative with trial and error.

I also managed to squeeze in a wee session the evening before with Louisa because I was dying to use our Splash Point Photo Christmas tree and hallway as a set! Proper Bokehlicious!

And naturally, with that many photographers and models in one place, it was documented... and the girls have begrudgingly allowed me to share the party video :'D

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