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Cewe 2019 Charity Calendar + updates

Splash Point Family, how are we? I'm just dropping in for a quick update!

One of my images is included in the Cewe 2019 charity calendar with £5 of each sale going to Mind. On the theme of "Inspiring Moments", you'll see my image pop up for March. It's kinda my inspiring moment because it's a shot that follows me around everywhere i go, and just when i think people have got bored of it, it starts placing again and gathering interest! I wont bore you with justifications, but there's a few quotes in the following article (see it in the misc gallery), with a funky shout out to Splash Point Photo of course.

If you would like to BUY A COPY of the calendar, head on over to

HERE where you can purchase it for £11.99.

I have a copy (it may make it's way in to the studio) and the print is fantastic, and of course there's work by 11 other people to ogle too... and all for a good cause! Mental health is something i work on daily, and with help from medication too, so the more resources available for people and regardless of whether they work for one and not another, that can't be a bad thing. Embrace who you are and stick two fingers up at any system that chastises your ability to live to your full potential, because we live in a world of academic ideals and a one size fits all approach that smothers creatives and introverts alike. Be you, and make peace with that, it's the easiest way to stand out from the crowd and make an impact. Haters gona hate whether you're Beyonce or Uncle Dave, just don't use it as an excuse to not learn and improve. -+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+- -STUDIO / UPDATES- So i've been holding off painting the floor fully as we've been having further work done in the pool control room which is only accessible via the studio, and I didn't want dirty boots and machinery coming through and it requiring a constant re-coating as a result. Regardless of this i've done a couple of test shoots, so you may be seeing some new images go up on the site and via social media already. I've also been working on a few publications, re-editing a bunch of old stuff since calibration, editing new stuff and also sourcing some cool things for the feature wall in the studio... all while finishing up some painting and adjusting to days that seem to be finished before they've started up here! Nearly December already, really!? Anyways, in short, some of the stuff is pressies so wont arrive 'til Christmas, but i'll be able to start getting furniture in, finish some cleaning, cutting in and upcycling so the studio goes from an awesome practical bespoke space (of which it is already), to an organised, memorable and epic location... and that's forgetting the pool, hallway and boudoir! I can't wait to get in a few of the finishing touches, it'll make all the difference and enable me to sort the storage areas and use the space/gear to maximum effect and convenience.

Francesca Contortion w/ MUA Leanne Brown

In a world of chaos and surrounded by rubble, love what you do and live your moment like Francesca here. Stay well and take the time you need to stay healthy.



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