Rebecca and baby shot by Russ at Splash Point Photo Photography Studio

Drop us a message to talk about your photography needs.  We may be able to make a suggestion, even if it's not ourselves.

I have a background in live music, corporate and event photography.  Having last year upgrading to the Canon R5, which is one of the industries' flagship and most versatile yet professional mirrorless cameras, this would improve consistency in these genres tenfold for it's autofocusing system alone.  While I left the majority of those days back in the Midlands to concentrate on the Splash Point Photo photography studio and my portraiture up here in north Wales, you are welcome to enquire!

 I do not offer wedding photography, but I am happy to do bridal images as per those on this page.  Equally, I do not offer family photography, but one day I'd love to bring in a photographer to Splash Point Photo who has a massive love for the genre. 

I myself prefer the more editorial side of portraiture, so if you wish to work with me for bridal and editorial styled photography, and by which I consider that to be more magazine styled 'modelly' and strongly lit images than group family photos, then please see the
Shoot with Russ tab as an example of my work.  Equally, if you're local or a touring photographer and looking for a place to offer your family photography from, then I'd love to hear your ideas and what could be arranged within Splash Point Photo.  You're more than welcome to keep your own branding, we'd just be happy to host great opportunities for the local area and with those who have a passion for what they do.


Zoe Page at Splash Point Photo Photography Studio

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