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'BTS', and no, not the South Korean boy band, but some Behind The Scenes here at Splash Point Photo photography studio will hopefully give you a better idea of some of our areas and how others use them.  If you've never been before, hopefully by now you've checked out one of our tour videos (which also have BTS throughout them), and preferably the latest one given we're ever evolving, however, these clips will also give you a good insight too.  The majority of Behind The Scenes here will be from Studio Day models as I'll be free to shoot (yet hands on if needed), and have been OKed to video by all parties, but I also may throw in the occasional shoot of my own from a locked off Go-Pro or handheld gimbal too.  Again, hopefully it'll give you a good idea of the fun we have at Studio Days, and what can be achieved in case you figured that a Studio Day may be a regimented affair?  I like to offer people freedom within reason, and again, as mentioned on the previous page, I only ask that you don't do wet work until the last slot(s) of a studio day because of hair and make-up, otherwise, aside from dramatic make-up changes, you can do what you've accounted for in your time slot!  I don't always sit in on shoots either as I know not everyone likes having someone around, but at events hosted by ourselves, I may ask to get a little content coverage, and some photographers just prefer to have me around to help with gear, either way, I'm always around if you need me, just come and give me a shout!

Given the nature of YouTube and some of the boudoir and lingerie set-ups, you may need you to click through to the video and sign in to YouTube to view them on their platform, as they'll be age restricted.  And speaking of YouTube, we have plenty more videos there, including shorts, so if you fancy it, please do give us a subscribe, and while you're there, commenting and liking videos is always a massive boost to their algorithm too!

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