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Learn Lighting at Splash Point Photo Photography Studio.

You really want to photograph people and in a studio environment, but the whole scenario is intimidating, right?  The model!?  The lighting.. or at least the photography lighting equipment!?   Well, someone asked about in person tutorials, so I figured I should put something together to help you quash those fears and get you versed with the basics of lighting and beyond.

  It's perfectly natural to be nervous when working with models, and all while letting your mind assume their confidence and experience means they'd be continually judging your photography, but if anything, they're very much in the same boat!  Many model as a form of confidence, and like any other job, they present the best and most confident side of themselves online, while some can be quite shy in person!  I'm an introvert myself,  it took me years to get over nerves, and depending on the new scenario, they still can rear their head (and probably will while talking to a group of people in a live tutorial), but if we get you well versed in lighting, ie plugging them in, setting them up, understanding misfires and how to solve them, lighting patterns on the model, and finally combining several strobe lights for universal and versatile lighting set-ups in and out of the studio, then that's one less thing to worry about.. actually several!


Learn Lighting at Splash Point Photo Photography Studio.jpg
Learn Lighting at Splash Point Photo Photography Studio_

5 photographers, £45 each, 3 hours

Emma Starmore Smith (pictured above) will be our local model, having returned from Brighton Uni to North Wales this summer.  As suggested above, I'll do a tutorial explaining lights and lighting to the group for an hour or so while fielding questions and suggestions.  After, each photographer will get 15-20 minutes of 1 on 1 time with Emma to kick-start their portfolio and/or try out the lighting concepts from the talk.  During those 1 on 1's, the rest of us can network, chat and drink tea etc etc.

The first rule of light club:
Tea is very important, to me at least, but I will of course also be on hand to help with those 1 on 1's too!  A close second is; please do ask questions and not be intimidated by the person next to you.  They're here for the same reasons!

During the tutorial, I'll be tethered directly to Lightroom via my laptop, and using a 4k projector to show the results live on the studio infinity curve (as per the top image).  Quick jargon buster.. an infinity curve is the curved white wall standard in most photography studios.. it's also great for movie nights!

If you're interested in doing a live tutorial session with Emma and I, please hit the envelope and drop us an email. 


Also, please specify whether you'd prefer a weekday evening or a weekend, and we'll look to arrange some dates.  Equally, look out for some existing dates that may go live and be posted across our social media!  I'm very open-minded as to dates, times and future subject matter of the tutorials, so please do drop us your suggestions too!  Please be aware that your camera will need a hotshoe or PC port to sync with studio lighting!

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