I'm the photographer here and the owner of Splash Point Photo photography studio. 

Portraiture, lights, quirkiness, colour, and big, bold art is my passion, as evidenced by the unique personality of the Splash Point Photo studio spaces.  I'm a unique shooter with unique ideas (so I'm told), but I also love the basics of studio portraiture too!


Hi, I'm Russ

To be honest, when you dwell on an idea and surround yourself with crazy quirks, everything becomes normal after a while!

I guess this is my corner of the internet where I can be a little expressive, so you'll find me at both ends of the photography spectrum.  On one hand, I'm a bit of an OCD perfectionist into really strong editorial modelling and lighting, which is something I acquired while assisting Rafa for hair awards shoots many a moon ago, but then on the other, I'm the polar opposite!  I like big, bold, brash and colourful!  I like moral exploration pieces over standing around looking pretty.  Shock doc over fashion, but in general I'm pretty open-minded as long as the shoot is going somewhere.  Fantasy edits, composites, and constant colour filtering/shifts, really aren't my vibe, plus fashions in editing style change every year too.  I can also really dig amateurish and candid vibes, they often say so much more and are far more relatable.  Think Ellen Von Unwerth meets Rankin meets David Lachapelle meets Richard Kern.  The key, for me, is context and narrative!  If you polish a raw narrative, it will lose all its feeling and authenticity, but if you slap brutal lighting on to a soft subject matter, then unless your intention is juxtaposition, it'll feel wrong and amateurish.  Shooting rough around the edges will often be assumed as not knowing what you're doing, so it's an interesting balance, and of course it's often completely subjective, which is why it pays to love your lighting to then break the rules.

Please be aware that the below gallery contains NSFW  mages


When it comes to models; I love a strong, emotive and editorial style models, but I also love uninhibited quirky art muses over classically pretty too.  You'd be surprised how some seemingly 'average' people, can just light up the camera and photograph beautifully, while equally at how those who are supposedly naturally beautiful can be stiff and unforgiving.  Modelling is a job for a reason, I think a lot of people forget that, and I urge any young girls without aspirations of modelling to not compare themselves to people you see in magazines - they're very good at their job and have been edited!  Hell, don't even compare yourself to influencers or that pretty girl on Insta, they too have worked out the algorithm and what the public want to see while deleting images that bomb and don't get enough engagement.. it's unrealistic, plus they aren't necessarily good models when in front of a proper set up either!

If you'd like to shoot with me, please get in touch so we can discuss ideas and a budget.  I'm pretty honest as to whether it'll interest me and I'll be the right guy for you as I'm not looking to pick up just any job and shoot family photography and birthdays etc.  Please see this page.  I'm more than happy to kick-start modelling portfolios, and I'll always welcome enquires for commercial photography, fashion photography, editorial photography.. basically anything involving portraiture that we can get our teeth in to collectively, and that reflects both our styles.

Below is a small cross-section of images i've shot.  Not all are of models, some are of past clients too.