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Exhibitions, Awards and Publications

Photoplus Magazine Issue 192 featuring Splash Point Photo

You hate hearing it, and it's a cliché..


"I'm an awarded, published and exhibited photographer"


In this day and age it's usually an online magazine no one's ever heard of, or an exhibit at the local cafe that no-one saw, and it annoys people because we're required to say it CV stylie, so I guess I best find some of the 'real' stuff i've done and post it here to try and impress strangers.. and maybe start a LinkedIn account.  To be honest, I hate having to open with it on networking websites too, and I hate all this sell yourself lark, especially as an introvert, plus it's pretty weird repeating the words 'photography', 'studio' etc every other sentence for SEO (web searching bots love it, aka dr Google), yet here we are, and it's a necessary evil in the creative industry.

If anything, due in part to a poor memory, and also in part being too lazy to comb through all my old back up drives to find it all, there will be loads of stuff I've left out and forgotten, plus it's completely up to you either way as to whether you care and it aids your interest in me as a photographer or Splash Point Photo as a photography studio (SEO - BOOM!) location!?  As long as it keeps the trolls happy, and Google's bots trawling my website for listings, then it's all good I guess!

Part of an exhibit in Madrid.  This exact gallery print now hangs in our boudoir location after staying with a few friends in Spain.

And not every outlet you find online is a waste of time.  During lockdown, I saw it as a challenge to get in a bunch of publications to talk about stuff when nothing else was happening, plus small victories can sometimes open doors too.  Content is king, and so is keeping busy for your sanity, and that's how I found Chiiz Magazine on the competition circuit.  I won a few features and to be part of an exhibit in India, and with it being on the theme of female empowerment, Chiiz also made a donation on behalf of exhibitors to Pinkshe, a foundation providing much needed sanitary products.

Back before I had a clue about portrait photography and had only just picked up a camera, I was published in Savage Tattoo magazine with selfies.  I mean, looking back at the images now, they weren't great, so it was more to do with my tattoos than the pictures of course.. but that's a win right?  It may be gave me a lust for editorial photography, as images need to be seen off of a digital screen - it's different gravy, and I love a print!  I've had stuff published in American Car Magazine too.  I was in Nuts and the NME for winning their joint (I think it was the same publishers) live music photography competition the one year that typically blew up to have mega prizes the year after I won a few pointless things from their competition sponsor.  I've had photo of the day in Smithsonian Magazine and in Professional Photographer magazine.  I was one of the mind charity photo competition winners with Cewe, and that made photography press and local rags.  Errr, I won the contemporary wildlife category at the West Midlands Safari Park the one year.  I placed top three (maybe even won one, I can't remember) in a couple of things with the Photography Societies - I think that was for a product photography comp and an Art Nude comp.  I've won, placed and/or been commended on the photography competition sites Guru Shots, View Bug and Photo Crowd numerous times.  I was part of one of the Wex Photographic photographer of the year exhibitions (that one also hangs in the boudoir), and I believe at one point one of my images of Selfridges Birmingham was chosen for decor in their Birmingham shop via a competition they were running too.  I've been a part of celebrity photographer Rankin's Creatives 'Unseen' exhibition - and fun fact - Rankin once messaged me on Facebook saying "great minds think alike".  I've written and had images in Photoplus Photography Magazine a bunch of times, as per the header image at the top of the page.


Stuff, stuff, and if I can find it, more stuff.. I'll add it in.  I know I have certificates knocking around somewhere.

An exhibition in Greece with one of my images.  I have no idea where that piece is now, but hey!

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