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Welcoming a guest blogger - Polly V

Hey, look at this, a real life blog update! So I'm rubbish at keeping on top of these, which is something I need to change! I originally wanted to do a blog as a news page so I could post behind the scenes, Splash Point and studio related news in real time without another page unintuitively (apparently that's not a word according to DR Google) clogging up the site. Luckily my site hosts also have blog specific pages that don't require me to enter the site editor and that are dated and are tagged to make this process easy to follow without being all messy and relying on my to structure it... easy right!? Well a combo of dyslexic ramblings that make writing for me a laboriously long and hard task and then the small problem of news being, well, news, so that it usually comes with being busy with said news, means i'm pretty rubbish at it! So I figured I'd hand over duties to someone whose second language is English so she could put me to shame and further ram home my poor grasp of spellin' & gramma. That someone is Polly V who is related to Splash Point in that i've shot her on a few occasions before, plus she has been in full support of the studio build since seeing the progress across insta (follow us on @splashpointphoto or click the icon on the site) to the point of offering to blog!

Soooo yeahhh, as of July we can expect a couple of blogs per month from Polly relating to photography and of course all things Splash Point, and may be even tea, because i like tea too. I'm gona let her get creative with these and she's going pick several subjects which we'll narrow down between us as the most fitting for the SP audience. She's also already telling me I have to post blogs in the weeks in between, so i'm already getting a kick up the bum and we haven't even started yet! To be fair as suggested and evidently documented by my lack of activity here, since the studio has been built and is now fully functioning, I have posted zero news, so there's plenty I can catch up on... I may even post something more before July. Shock. Horror. Awe. On the flip side of this, with the recent update of the site I did add a Studio Days gallery to the packages page as a visual representation of the touring models we have visiting us here (that you can of course book time with) so I didn't have to mention it as news. I'll probably post a bunch of behind the scenes video and phone snaps from these days in blog form instead! Right, phew, this painful episode is over and took me way too long already.

Here's a cheeky one, because every now and then it's ok to be cheeky...

Check out Polly's blog here:

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