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WanderRuss - non-studio and portraiture photography.

WanderRuss, what is the secret of your powers..

Sorry, I couldn't help but think of this song as I wrote this. So, as mentioned in a previous blog, I'm going to Japan and I didn't want to fill the Splash Point Photo feed with images of travel as a result. The occasional post and blog is fine, but several rows of images is a little too off-topic. Ultimately, Splash Point Photo, is, of course, all about the studio, followed by my images with in it as the owner, so people can see it in action or potentially hire me personally with such an asset. I do have an older brand, namely Fight The Light Photography, for my more creative and crazy work, but as Splash Point became my aim to pay the bills, as it were, it got pushed way back in my priorities and the lines get blurred. I have to balance the creative outlet (grossly withdrawn compared to days of old when I'd make whole sets out of paper which took months) while being mentally absorbed in having to concentrate on the commercial aspect of the studio and where the next client and pay cheque comes from... and how to reach them with integrity! I don't think business and integrity go hand in hand successfully, but hey, I will draw the line at the cost of success. Anyways, naturally, those quirky in places images creep in to the Splash Point brand as I satisfy my creative bones (and given my personality), but ultimately it's still about the photography studio and the people photography with in, or at least within the immediate local area.

The Great Orme Cable Cars, Llandudno, North Wales shot on a GoPro Max (360)

I like doing my little bit for tourism and local interest, especially as Rhyl doesn't have a great rep despite it being beautiful here, plus there are so many stunning places within an hour of our location, that it's a waste if people who travel to use us then don't go explore a little for themselves. Being a photographer usually equates to shooting 'stuff', any and all stuff other than your main point of interest, and then maybe being frustrated that you can't really post it anywhere without subtracting from your brand. I wanted somewhere I could post my general travels and leisure interests while dipping in to playing around with video and the occasional vlog feel as it's the kinda thing I watch on YouTube. I watch anything ranging from people playing Japanese claw machines, to fellow Welshie (I guess I'm honorary Welsh now) Simon Wilson doing 7 continents in 7 days - but I don't quite have the YouTube following or budget for that though! Furthermore, aside from the up-coming Japan trip, I figured that given I like to post stuff relating to the North Wales, local events, or the odd excursion too, I needed a more uniformed and a contextually relevant separate outlet.. so I introduce you to WanderRuss! It's nothing exciting or official, just a bunch of social media channels that can be used as said outlet. For those of you not all in on studio or portrait photography, or whom just have an interest in photography/travel/leisure as a whole; you may also enjoy it moreso!?

Simon Wilson in Syria - spoiler, it's nothing like what main stream media leads you to believe

Come join the WanderRuss social channels:

Instagram YouTube Tiktok

A bunch of these images will be on the social channels of course, but hey, you're here now, so you may as well have a gallery.

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