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Tour of our beachside studio space!

Ok, so our social media followers or the more eagle eyed viewers here will have seen the videos/images i've added to the portfolio galleries, but in case you haven't, I guess I should show it in it's glory!? Given the last update on the studio that I added to the blog is a video of me painting it from last year and we've since hosted studio days here while I've used the space for clients and projects... I figure I should catch the blog up!

Splash Point Photo, #Rhyl, #Denbighshire, #NorthWales

It has been an organic process which has made it a pleasurable one, and while of course the physics and budgets of what you can and can't do can sometimes tie your hands, if anything it's grown beyond my original inception and mental pictures. It's a practical space but full of my personality, making it as quirky and crazy as my project work tends to be known for. It's certainly unforgettable and different from most studio spaces with some highly unique touches and funky decor that I compiled or created, so I hope you all love it as much as I and everyone seems to have done so so far. And of course with it being an organic progress, it'll never stop evolving, be that with improved gear in the long run should we look to offer it out as a commercial space for others too, or because I keep adding in little DIY projects and new ideas without compromising the space and practicality. However, the studio isn't our only asset at Splash Point Photo! Check out the video below that starts with our wonderful beach views and then literally walks you around some of our other locations such as the classy hallway, boudoir, balcony and pool, and that's long before ending on the bespokely built studio space. It really is a deceiving Aladdin's cave, or tardis if your prefer!

We have a YOU TUBE CHANNEL please do subscribe and feel free to watch some more videos from the progress and action at Splash Point Photo - however, there may be some future blog spoilers when I post some behind the scene footage here.

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