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Splash Point Progress

BTS at my old studio space in Birmingham

So I've been meaning to do a blog to show how my studio space is progressing here at Splash Point Photo, what we're doing and what gear I've been getting in to get everything up to speed and offer the best experiences. I've covered some on our social channels (Facebook & Instagram - should I get a twitter?), so do give us a follow! I'll have to break it down into a few blog posts in the coming weeks (and continuing) as there's so much going on still, yet so much progress has already been made too. Plus with new gear i've been trigger happy on the go pro and filming loads of fun snippets in and out of the water, but i'll go in to that at a later date as that is also a part of our packages. So lets get started at the old place back in Birmingham...

The old studio space back in Brum

Firstly, nothing in photography is ever perfect! You always have to make exceptions and work around obstacles... but then that's a part of the fun and helps shape your experience as a photographer. How you deal with space and badly behaved budget gear are problems that if you never had them, you'd never be half the photographer you are. When the poo hits the fan... which it will, such as life... it's better you get that out the way with the cheap gear which goes wrong more often so the fixes and plan B, C and D are easier and second nature on the good stuff

The last ever shoot in Brum we made a bit of a mess!

With my old studio space back in Birmingham, the ceiling height was problem as I couldn't get ideal heights on the key (main) light, plus also the width of the room was a struggle too. Both of these problems are being addressed here at Splash Point with a few extra nice conveniences thrown in too. For instance, we'll have a balcony type space with storage on a 2nd floor so floor space in the actual studio can be as fluid and roomy as possible.

So as I prep for a our first underwater shoot which takes place next week, let's take a look what we were/are working on here at Splash Point Photo, and in the next blog or two i'll show you how we're progressing with our ideas, gear and are moving forward. I'll throw in a cheeky full pool with added new cover shot here to whet you appetite.

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