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Splash Point Photo in Photoplus Magazine issue 192, June 2022

Long time no speak!

It's been a while! I really should step up my blog game! I intended to do a follow-up from my last post about upgrading to my Canon R5 from the Canon 5d mk III. Furthermore, I figured I'd give it a month or two, and then do some video stuff as a comparison demonstrating the focusing system etc.. I even recorded some footage with it for that purpose alone! And then a month went by, and then a second, and all while I was catching up on the new menu systems and got a good feel for it.. and BOOM, before you know it, it's several months on!

"top gear for cool portraits" By coincidence, instead, I talk about it (albeit in context of my overall gear set up) in this month's Photoplus Magazine! So yeah, buy that, as we even made the cover!

Splash Point Photo Photography Studio features in the Canon magazine: Photoplus.  Top gear for cool portraits
Splash Point Photo in Photoplus Magazine issue 192

You should be able to buy the mag at all major paper type shops, WHSmiths, and even some supermarkets etc, but I struggle to get hold of it in North Wales. The previous time I easily got hold of a copy was at the Smiths in London Euston, back when I was living in Birmingham and working away.. however, I ordered my copy online HERE - you can easily order a single issue should you wish, but Photoplus often includes a free gifts with subscriptions, so assuming that's something you fancy, you can bag a few freebies that way.

Current set up of Russ who owns Splash Point Photo photography studio
Canon R5 and lenses.

Technically the small two-page (one being 69, lol) feature is about me as a photographer and what Canon gear I'm currently using, but of course, I couldn't resist giving our fine photography studio a shout-out! It is my baby after all! If anything, many of our USP's such as the neon wall are down to my personality quirks, so I felt it was important to include some neon images - not least because they were one of the few personal shoots I'd done since getting the R5. As mentioned, one of the Images with model Jasmine High made the cover, and at the time of submission, they were brand new that week.. if not that day! There is also one image with my long time model collaborator, Zoe Page, that we shot in the Swimming Pool location, and that too has a story that relates to the camera upgrade, so it all meshes together in a nice contextual melting pot.

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