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Why you SHOULDN'T book us.. on this date

The Rhyl Air Show Ok, ok, you should ALWAYS book us, but each year on the bank holiday weekend in August, aka the last weekend in August (which is the 27th/28th this year), is the Rhyl Air show.

Not the Rhyl air show, this was Fairford and when I had a much bigger zoom, but the red hours are typically the main attraction.

The air show is finally back after it's extended break through the pandemic, and as a result (and I won't say this often), you're best not to travel down the A55 and in to North Wales, or to book the studio that weekend! The air show itself is free and takes place on the beach right outside Splash Point Photo Photography Studio, although the main action and best viewing spot is probably nearer the Kite Surf cafe, if not the events' arena itself where there will be static displays and merch tables for the Red Arrows etc. The RNLI will often get involved with their presence, and not least because of the sheer amount of people on the coast that weekend, but they help set up markers for the show and have their lifeboat on display too. Planes also can't fly if people are in the water, and there will be a PA along the prom with announcements and commentary.

Of course however, if you're already planning on being in the area for the air show and have a model/photographer in tow, then you are still welcome; just be advised it'll not be fun travelling without realising! It probably won't be fun travelling anyway, but that's besides the point.. you don't want to be booking Splash Point, and then getting caught up in traffic and not know what's going on! People are actually often shocked by how much parking is available around here, even in the height of summer despite us being located in a seaside town n all, but the Rhyl Air show is chaos! It's easily the busiest weekend of the year here, so much so there are often special shuttles laid on from nearby towns to ease travel, and the parking is rammed!

Actually the Rhyl air show.. and how I wished I still had my 100-400L, however, it should be interesting this year with the Canon R5 given the sheer amount of pixels to allow for the crop factor in post with a 70-200L

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