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Pool Progress and our rewards scheme..

Amo at the pool before we drained it again!

So you may have seen from the previous post that the pool, while delayed, is ready to go. I did a few test shoots months ago with Amo in the local area and couldn't resist using the pool area quickly. Originally it was filled from day one, and in theory we just needed it serviced to get in the water, but unfortunately we found a leak, hence all the imagery in the previous blog post. While there's still a little on going work with the pool to make it even better, it's been ready to go for a month or two now, so I've been testing my underwater Outex covers and Go Pro while updating my insurance all in preparation for our first proper test shoot this week.

Originally I got the Go Pro as a bit of fun to shoot behind the scenes video footage for social media both in and out the water given it's waterproof without a case... and I just fell in love. It's my new favourite toy! I had considered one for years but I couldn't really justify it, but with the new pool stuff, it just made perfect sense now. With their nifty Quik Stories app, it takes about 5-15 minutes to bluetooth over and edit footage together on my phone, which i can then bluetooth or whatsapp over to you!

So here's the Brucie bonus! With the world demanding everything in an instant these days, and quality printing not so instant, the plan will be to let you take away with you a short video on the day of your shoot and just the general fun and frolics cut together that you can post instantly to Facebook and/or Instagram and then make all your friends jealous with your unique day! For 'quik' edits, they are usually pretty stylish and customisable, plus Go Pro licence a few tracks to cut it with music too for all those of you who hate the sound of your own voice... like me. Fun fun fun! Occasionally Facebook and Instagram recognise the song and question the copyright, but just persist and say that Go Pro have the right to it and you're fine and it'll upload :)

So Rewards? My plan will also be to offer a rewards scheme on all packages where we'll throw in a pro quality small-mid (8x10 or something similar) free print for you for uploading the video and tagging up SplashPointPhoto across Facebook and Instagram to boost our exposure a little bit. Simples! Personally I really love the little videos and think they're a really cool addition to any package and a nice teaser to engage people on the social channels.

Here's a bonus selfie of me from when I was testing the covers with my strobes. Don't be scared of the tattoos, i'm a pussy cat and a bit of an introvert really :)

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