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Introducing... Louisa Lu

An introduction in to introducing...

I thought I'd do a series of blogs introducing you to some models I've shot throughout the years, some potentially prior to splash point too if they're still about.

I really need to get more in to blogging all up in here! It's been too long.. again! And my SEO is suffering, lol, so I figured this could be a good excuse, plus it'll allow me to post a bunch of images that I can't really spam the site with outside of these blogs. As a result, I'll focus mostly on models I've shot a range of images with or have worked with numerous times. Some models will obviously need no introduction to many on the model and photographer networking scene as they'll be familiar faces on such sites as Purpleport, Model Mayhem, or, of course, across social media, but I'll include links to at least said social media or sites so you can find them for your selves should you want to work with any, or just to give them a follow.

By pure coincidence to illustrate this post introduction, I just searched modelling via gifs on here, and Tatiana popped up! Tatiana Elizabeth is someone I found out about because of Instagram, and I fell in love with her look.. I was like, "I need to shoot this model" - some people just talk to you like that through the screen. I found out she was on America's next top model (and judging by the 'ANTM', this is where this gif is from), but I'd never seen the show to know of her.. in fairness, I've never seen the UK version either. Being American, I'd written off the concept of shooting her, and then with in a day or two of someone telling me who she was and hooking me up with her Insta, she mentioned she was in Manchester shooting for Boohoo (I think).. crazy. I like to remind her on occasion that I need to shoot her, ha ha, but these days she has a little'un in tow, so I imagine she travels a little less to these shores now. I've just gotta hope she's not retired by the time I'm out conquering the world and getting such opportunities ;) ----->


Introducing... Louisa Lu

Louisa first got in contact with me about hosting a studio day a few years back. I think she had recently shot with Natasha Kalashnikova, so maybe that's where she got the contact from to approach me, so I spoke to Tash and asked her about Louisa. We often talk amongst ourselves in the industry, so you get to hear a lot of gossip (whether you want to or not) and recommendations this way.. i'm brutally forward, so let's hope mine's not too bad, ha ha. Anyways, Tash said Louisa was sweet and could be a good fit for a day, so I figured we'd get something arranged as a result. I shot Louisa briefly prior to her studio day as she came down the night before in preparation. Later that year we shot again briefly as Louisa had asked to be a part of our Christmas group shoot, and I was yet to use our Christmas 'set'. Since then, we've briefly shot again during a second Christmas group shoot, and I also hired her for a client for an Art Nude commission, plus she's done a few studio day's in between. These days, you can find Louisa with a pet Grogu in tow..

I'd say my favourite shoot with Louisa thus far was definitely the last, which was our art nude commission. Between the chemistry of knowing each other longer, having a longer day to work together, and I think putting her in a different scenario to most of her other glamour shoots, I think she really shone, and we got some super strong and provocative art nude images where she could experiment despite it only being a plain infinity curve shoot.

Louisa on Purpleport Louisa on Instagram

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