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Introducing... Ell Mae

Introducing... Ell Mae

Oh boy, where do we start with Ell? She just kinda appeared on the scene one day and never went away, and then was everywhere. I could suggest you buy a swear jar prior to booking her, and you'll make money rather than spend it. She's often flummoxed by locks (one's that pop open from the side she is on) when she needs to go out for her nightly 'medicine'. Someone once told me they met her at a shoot, and she sat in the corner of the room and was shy... i'm not convinced. A snake once bit her, and after a week of agonising pain, she finally let it die.

Apparently I'm some sort of two legged transportation system to her, and I have picture evidence of me carrying her down the stairs (somewhere) during a studio day, but I can't find it to include it. At some point during the shoot, she will most likely flip off the camera, possibly stab a small child, and then shout at a cloud.

Grandpa Simpson yells at cloud

To her credit, she typically shaves a decade off my age, but these days she just does it in an attempt to be mentioned on social media, hoping it'll result in a repost and me advertising her. I'm not sure she'll appreciate this advertisement though, but hey, we're here now, and I'm having fun at least. She did buy me a takeaway once. At one shoot, she only moaned until she had a second wind, and then she proceeded to dance around recording Tiktok's. Have I done 300 words yet for my SEO to register? I should probably mention the words "photography" and "studio" again, as these are good keywords. Help, she has me locked in the basement! Is anyone actually reading these?

Behind the scenes from the first studio day Ell had at Splash Point Photo :

Here's a picture of Ell Mae I took of her flipping off the camera while wearing a t-shirt of a picture of Ell Mae that I took.

Ell Mae on Purpleport Ell Mae on Instagram

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