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Inertview with model Zoe Page @ Splash Point

As hinted in the last blog I did an interview with Zoe while she was eating the left over popcorn from our shoot and also supping down on tea from a Splash Point branded mug. The interview is on our You Tube channel which you can find here. Along with this here blog (the interview is obviously here below too), it's where you can find some behind the scene footage and just general goings on i've shot in the local area when dabbling in a little video, either for fun or to give you a glimpse in to Splash Point life. If you fancy giving us a subscribe, then that would be lovely!

Zoe is probably my most worked with model, and despite now living in Spain, we often find a reason to shoot some crazy, quirky or kitsch narratives together. Here's some images we shot during this shoot before/after the interview.

Be warned, the following images as you scroll down contain art nudes that would be considered NSFW.

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