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CLOSING for holidays in one week! Last week to get your bookings in..


Imogen Claire shot by Russ from Splash Point Photo Photography Studio.

Despite still owning this awesome phone, you know I hate phones and much prefer a written enquiry to maximise clarity and for something to reference and refer back to at a later date!

In case you've missed it (I've also added a banner to the home page of the website), the studio will be closed from the 26th August 'til the 17th September. While people will still be on-site, they're not versed in photography and cannot book you in, thus meaning that unless I manage to get through some e-mails and enquiries while over in Japan, communication will cease until I return. If you have any advanced bookings that you need for the back end of September, I urge you to get them in this week (19th-26th August) to avoid any last minute scramble come the 17th September, however, we do often have available days most weeks, so do feel free to get in touch with any last minute enquiries all the same should something pop up your end.

If you want to join me on my travels, I've made a separate blog site so I'm not posting loads of non-studio related stuff here. There will be plenty of photography and video, however - wanderruss.

WanderRuss - Splash Point Photo blog site dedicated to exploring and wanderlust.

Again, I doubt I'll be doing any updates proper photography while on my travels as I'm not bringing a laptop and prefer editing on my calibrated PC, however, there probably will be plenty of cheeky phone pics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Tiktok if you fancy giving me a follow there. They may or may not be confined to stories on Insta and FB, it depends on how excited I get :D





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