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BTS & Studio Days!

So what is a studio day? For the non photographer out there, or may be even those not used to portraiture or the networking circles, studio days are simply days where a touring, local or just a model with a (inter)national rep can offer the opportunity for photographers of all experiences to shoot with them for an hourly fee inclusive of the facilities. These tend to be at a unique location or well equipped studio space... sometimes even a holiday!

These days are great for all involved as often models will lower their prices a little for a guaranteed half, or even moreso for a shot at a full days work, which then in turn means that that gain can be passed on to a few photographers who just want a couple of hours each. It also makes having a location and hiring an awesome studio (with say a neon wall and swimming pool), more viable because of the savings. All of the above is then ultimately a part of the advertised hourly price upon booking, and hey presto, there you have it... some photographers, a location, and a model... and you have a studio day! For the model of course, that potential of 8 hours work rather than just a few hours here and there makes their eye for adventure and efforts travelling worthwhile, with the added bonus that not such a short stint of a job means travel fees are justifiable or included in the advertised rate. (S)he is then more likely to travel to places (s)he wouldn't otherwise get to experience and meet people and explore styles (s)he wouldn't other get to explore. And as for the studio, all those vibrant personalities, the networking and the hourly fee means everyone wins!

The extra special Brucie bonus here for Splash Point Photography studio models is that we can offer free accommodation and are open to the possibility of a second day shooting should the first sell well... and failing that, the models can just go for a steam, swim or arrive and depart at their own leisure either the night before or the day after to help avoid traffic and a last minute rush. It also wouldn't be the first time a model has refused the offer from rightly being cautious about staying over, only to regret not coming the night before and then not wanting to leave! We're a destination, not just a studio!

With my aim to bring some of the strongest and best known faces and names on the scene to North Wales, this means photographers will get the chance at having such a recognisable personality who they may not otherwise get the opportunity to shoot with who will look great in their portfolio. The real benefit however is probably the insight they have to pass on during communication, and being in that presence of such experience! The fact these faces are human and approachable alone can be a source of confidence in an intimating industry, plus the model may even casually talk of all the colourful characters they've met, the struggles they've had, and their own take on the industry; all of which will make frustrations more relatable, boost morale and bridge the metaphoric gap. Or may be, just may be, you're reading this as a well experienced photographer (thanks for getting this far!) yourself who just so happens to want to work with a model who has a wicked look but is from the other side of the country (UK, or even Spain in Zoe's case), and who just so happens to be travelling for a studio day or two near by, and at an awesome place that you really fancy checking out :)

And failing all of the above.... we're all just mad here and have a laugh... it can't be all work and no play!

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