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BARGAIN June dates with in-house model!

The Splash Point Photo in-house model is back!

Emma Starmore Smith is available to book from Splash Point Photo for an INSANE offer
Emma Starmore Smith is available to book from Splash Point Photo for an INSANE offer

Did you see any of my 'Introducing...' series of blogs that I did of some models who have graced Splash Point Photo Photography Studio? Basically, if I had plenty of content of them, IE, I'd shot them enough to easily post up a gallery, then I accompanied it with some blurb, so you could get to know them a little better and maybe choose to book them in the future.. and not at all because posting blogs helps with SEO and Dr Google. Anywayz, if you did, you probably caught the one I did about Emma, and as a result, right now you are either confused, or completely expecting this based on its context!? Both are perfectly acceptable responses!

If you haven't, you can check it out here: ..but here's a snippet: "..she assured me she now lived in North Wales, and then about a week later, she was looking to move to Kent after she learnt from me that being a studio assistant was a job, and she'd since found such a job down South and was moving down around the Christmas period. Fast-forward a couple of months, and I've since heard recently she's in Dubai and doing flight attendant stuff... so god knows where she is and what she's doing, but she still has her family home up here in North Wales though, so you can always message her to see if she's around.. and then prey she's not in Antarctica a week later. These kids and their indecisiveness, ay!?"

Well, after a pretty hefty career as a flight attendant for a month or two, she's back In North Wales and gracing the Splash Point stage again. Not only that, but we've got a mega offer on where you can book her here with the studio for just £35ph! In 2023, thems some unheard of rates! In fairness, anywhere other than North Wales, and you'd have to pay that to hire a photography studio of our calibre alone, say if we were located close to a major city. There's one downside though, and that's that the dates are somewhat fixed based on her other work commitments, but it probably goes without saying at this point, that if you can do them, then it's probably best that you book some time with her here before she decides to climb Mount Everest or something.

Here's a bonus image that wasn't in that last blog:

Emma Starmore Smith on Rhyl beach near Splash Point.
Emma Starmore Smith in Rhyl shot by Splash Point Photo

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