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Christmas opening times - What we DON'T do - General FAQs

Christmas opening times - What we DON'T do - General FAQs I haven't posted a blog in a while, so I figured I'd do an informative one with it nearing Christmas and after a few recent enquiries! Let's get the Christmas dates that we are currently available for out of the way, and then I'll head in to some more FAQ type stuff.

CHRISTMAS AVAILABILITY: This week coming 14th / 15th / 16th

Christmas Week 19th / 21st

Last week of the year 27th / 28th / 29th / 30th / 31st / 1st

What we DON'T do & General FAQs

Sunset in the window of Splash Point Photo Photography Studio

We are not a store front - we don't do walk ins!

There's little point turning up to the studio for a shoot you have not booked! We are a private residence, and while I'm typically there 95% of the time, we can't guarantee being in, and we can't offer you anything in person.

We are not a high street family photographer, of which I'd imagine you'd need a booking with those guys too anyway! I'm a photographer who does commissions with in the modelling (new model portfolio enquires and bridal images are welcome) and editorial industry, not a sales person / family photographer. We don't offer £20 shoots and then try to sell you prints. I may do the occasional favour for friends, or I may share other people's images that are shot at Splash Point Photo, but we will never post someone else's work unless it's shared via them tagging us or relating to a model day, in which case it will be clearly a flyer in context of the model. If you want family style images that others have done here, please follow it back to their social media and enquire with them.

We do not offer passport photos - and certainly not at 6pm of a night out of the blue. There is a strict set of requirements for passport images, so unless you're disabled, your best bet is to use a machine. If you can't access a machine through disability, find a photographer who states they specialise in them. It's not worth you hiring myself and my space for the sake of them as we're a bespoke package with a bespoke price, and thus I have no reason to understand those requirements to guarantee their acceptance - again, and for those reasons, please pick someone who states that they have learned and understood the requirements.

£20ph for studio hire does not mean shoots. That is studio hire for creatives (creative directors, models, photographers) - it does not include a photographer, and certainly not me - I can be very picky about what I do and do not shoot. It is solely for the location and equipment with in. I can make suggestions as to photographers, and they may bring you here, but they will be hiring the studio on your behalf and adding their fee on top of that £20ph.

Yes, you can bring your own lighting. I'm not going to argue if you're saving mine from wear and tear because you want to use something familiar. Moving between locations within Splash Point, it may even speed up your process by using mine in one location, and yours in another. Yes, we do welcome hobbyists, and I'm also around for advice for those new to the studio and whom need help.. HOWEVER, I'm not there to shoot for you and do everything regarding the lighting, not least because you will not learn that way. I had a recent enquiry of someone wanting their friend to do a shoot for their products, along the lines of "who knows a bit but no longer has a camera". Now I've met many enthusiasts, and even pros who have cameras that claim experience and knowledge, yet still don't know their way around studio lighting, so short of something life changing leading to them having no equipment, it's pretty safe to assume that this isn't a photographer you want shooting your products - needless to say, I probably won't risk my equipment in such a scenario either. To use a studio set up, you will need a camera with a hotshoe or PC port to fire the strobes. You will also need to shoot in manual mode. Unlike speedlite flashes that you put on your camera, most studio lighting does not speak to the camera past the point of merely syncing the lights in time with it, and thus it needs to be set up manually. In this day and age you can get (typically) very expensive studio lights that will, but in all honesty, if your camera is making your choices in the studio and not you, you're not going to get consistent results.. you are not in control. If shooting in manual scares you, you should probably research and practice prior to hiring a studio, it's honestly easier than not using manual - it's just three settings you need to get right that will also stop your camera from getting them wrong, and if your camera does get them wrong, you will not be able to control the lighting sync or overall exposure anyway. Again, I'm there to help, and mistakes are commonplace for your first time in terms of understanding settings etc, but the lack of willingness to research and learn is a million red flags.

And yes, I can be booked for model commissions.

Here's a whole host of images I've shot for just one client in recent months! Please be aware, that as you scroll through, you will be subjected to nudity! Some images are NSFW!

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