Underwater / Pool

Leading with our most unique offering, here we'll spend a couple of hours in the water, above and most excitingly.. under it!  Most professional models may never get the opportunity to shoot underwater, so take advantage of this possibly once in a life time shoot by adorning your bedroom wall with an amazing quality  professional lab print (included in the price), and be the envy of all your friends on your social media walls too.  It makes sense of course to have a nautical theme, but i'm open to discussion about ideas and quirks as long as all clothing etc is clean and dirt free before entering the water.  I too will have some available wardrobe items in the form of nautical themed bikini's and a mermaid fin, but obviously I can't cover all bases and sizes.. just yet at least.  Once again we can discuss what is available and the clothing ideas before your bespoke experience, and I may even absorb the cost of the clothing if the price is right and I have the intention to use it for other shoots.  It may seem a hefty price tag but we'll be in a private pool and i'm really generous with time. because for me. you and the results come first as I love photography! 


This package includes:
A large aluminium or acrylic print, ****and a make up artist***** and several large res edited digital files meaning you do not have to choose to come via me for reprints or to print them elsewhere!

The Couple Pool Package

Bored of your average husband and bride to be shots?  How about some underwater shots in full wedding get up?   This is designed for that once in a life time shoot but is by no means limited to it.  Friends or couples wanting to get involved to share the cost are welcome too, and i can tweak the included amount of prints to suit.

This package includes:

Two medium aluminium or acrylic prints in case you want individual shots to flank your large couple print which is included! As with every package i offer, you will receive several large res edited digital files to use as you please. Refer to the top pool package for details!