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I'm still working on bespoke package ideas given the studio has only recently been completed and also while I look to expand my experience underwater which could be a pivotal part of the more bespoke offerings.  As soon as I'm happy with the underwater lighting, i'll unleash it on the public! - with underwater I want a fool proof approach so i can give you my full attention rather than tweaking light.  In the mean time I have an introductory offer which is listed below!

Please note that we are a bespoke editorial style studio and do not cater for family sessions but are willing to offer one on ones, and possibly couples.

Introductory Offer

A one on one shoot for £90 which includes digital images.

At present these will consist of a 2-3 hour session in either/or the Studio, Boudoir and Hallway (see portfolio for locations).  At the end of this you will receive 5+ images digitally that are fully edited to the standards you see in my portfolio.  Prints via me would be at an extra cost via my chosen professional lab for high quality or exhibition gallery style print (often on metal or perspex) that look incredible, but as part of my price within the introductory offer, I am happy for you to print your images however you wish and will sign a sheet saying so.  That is not to be confused with a contract handing over the copyright for commercial purposes.  Any commercial usage rights will have to be discussed further.