Bespoke Portrait Sessions

All the above are clients rather than models, all of whom have agreed to allow me to use their images.

A one on one shoot for £120

Our one on one shoots typically consist of listening and chatting ideas pre-shoot, typically via social channels or e-mail where we can share examples of images and vibes you'd like to achieve.  From there we can then expand on it making the ideas our own, or talk outfits and props to get the best results should you just wish to keep it simple for your first time.  This will be followed by a 2-3 hour session in either/or/and the Studio, Boudoir, Pool and Hallway (see portfolio for locations) and of course some reasonable time spent backing up and editing when you've gone too!

At the end of all this you will receive 5+ images (it can be way more, but typically aim for two-three strong images from each set up - always aim for quality over quantity) in maximum resolution digitally that are fully edited to the standards you see in my portfolio.  You'll be able to use these images none commercially (not for profit, as commercial use of photography typically changes the rate considerably) however you wish and also print them at your own leisure to give to friends, family or to use them for your portfolio.  Prints via me would be at an extra cost via my chosen professional lab for specialist high quality exhibition gallery style prints (often on metal or perspex) that look incredible, but I could look in to standard print options for you too that are a little more reliable than say a boots!  

Copyright laws regarding photography in UK means the rights always remain with the photographer unless a contract is signed otherwise.  As suggested above, any commercial usage rights will have to be discussed further, and likewise I will not use any of your images unless I ask you and you allow me to - this is usually a good sign however, because it's means you've nailed it :)

Other Portrait Enquiries

Typically, my interest in portraiture lies in the more editorial side of things where I can concentrate on offering a more bespoke vibe to one subject, so I don't really do family photography.  However, if you have portrait needs, or just think I may be open to your funky ideas to persuade me otherwise, you can of course ask.  I have shot the likes of band line up images in the studio before now, and will only take on shoots that I believe I'll do justice to while delivering my standards.

As I regularly work with professional models, I'm always open to commercial enquiries from clothing brands, product companies etc