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SPLASH POINT PHOTO with an in-house model

We have an offer on with local model Emma Starmore Smith for studio hire and herself for just £40ph!  That's an insane rate, better than any studio day we've done, even years ago, never mind in the current climate!

Emma Starmore Smith & Splash Point Photo Studio.

Now Emma is back in North Wales, we have a local model again at Splash Point Photo Photography Studio for the immediate future.. until she changes her mind again and jets off somewhere!  As modelling is a second income for Emma, she won’t be available around the clock, but that does however mean she's willing to offer incredible rates as a result.  She has told me she'll keep me informed of her shifts, so if you fancy working with her, drop us a message, and we'll try to organise a time suitable for everyone.

Below you can check out more images I've shot of Emma here at Splash Point Photo (all indoor locations are the studio), and around our immediate local area, aka walking distance from Splash Point too.

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