Frequently asked questions

Can we talk about the price..?

Yes we can! Please do enquire as I appreciate this isn't a cheap experience and I don't want to alienate people if i can help it. On quiet weeks for short time frame bookings, I may be able to squeeze you in at a reduced price, albeit it with fewer perks. If I don't already have a suitable package available for less, maybe we could discuss a cheaper print option or if you're happy to forgo a make up artist for instance. But i'll consider all serious and realistic scenarios for sure!

Why is it so expensive?

Please understand that these are premium packages with an awarded photographer who loves portraiture and that is offering a completely unique package that most professional models don't get the chance to experience in underwater photography. The packages are designed for brides or that one in a life time photo experience given the niche that we fullfil. We are a private residence and a personal experience! Along with the cost of keeping the pool heated, years of experience in a skilled job, insurance and top draw equipment, often the things overlooked are simple such as time spent communicating that would be a paid position in any other field, make up artists, having a constant supply of memory, paying for internet services, accounting, working out logistics, communicating with professional print labs for the end product, and said end product being a part of the package etc etc. And then there's the endless tea (i need tea, even if you don't!) and food, and then possible accommodation.

The reason high street photography brands are so cheap is because they tend to be more experienced in sales while trying to sell you a bunch of cheap prints then they are in bespoke photography. It's often a 15 minute slot where they want you in and out the door while parting with as much money as possible.

I'm struggling for accommodation or can't afford it as well as..

Please enquire with in, we may be able to assist or even put you up within day packages!

I'm nervous about... Underwater

Nerves regarding the shoot are completely understandable and should be sperated from your confidence in the water in general. If you feel you're not a strong swimmer but really fancy giving it ago, please access the fact that we have no shallow end, however the pool is only about 5'4" deep. You of course will indeed have to swim and be self sustainable for certain shots to get the best out of the photoshoot. Seperating that from nerves, there really isn't anything to be nervous about. There is no right or wrong really in any shoot, just preference. It will take many shots to get 'the one', and this isn't a reflection of how you are in the water. Communication will of course be diffcult during so we'll agree on prompts before hand and chat about what we can do to improve the shot when we come up for air. Getting worried will only shorten how long you can hold your breath and send you in to a panicked state. Treat this like you're fooling about with a friend who happens to have an underwater camera and you'll have a blast!

I'm nervous about... Boudoir

I appreciate being in lingerie with a guy you've only just met can be very daunting and nerve racking, but consider this.. Photography is my passion, my love, a representation of my work and my reputation. As nervous as you are about this scenario, I probably am equally while trying to understand how to relax you and best work out how to go about giving you good direction given that everyone is unique. This of course eases over the course of the day as trust and rapport is built. I can also guarentee that a woman in lingerie is the last thing on mind because i'll be 100% focused on how I can improve the light and shot in general and other boring photography stuff i'll probably subject you too while thinking out loud.

I've shot many models, the majority of which do lingerie or even nude. Please check out my testimonals. The more you loosen up and are playful rather than fearing the camera, the better the shots will inevitably be. As i suggest in all the 'Nervous' FAQ's, just treat it like i'm a friend and there's nothing at stake... because there really isn't! In the digital age bad photos can be ignored/deleted and even Kate Moss takes them in search of those killer shots! Not everyone is a natural but we'll sure as hell try to get you some beautiful images, and it's far from unusal to take 100's in a session while getting there!

What's so special about high res digital images?

A lot of photographers or high street photography companies will offer you a cheap quick shoot to get you through the door and then expect to make a monopoly on the print sales and volume of people. If you've paid for the shoot, albeit a tiny amount for a 'professional' photographer, you're going to to want photos, and probably several to show for your troubles of already parting with cash. You may not be under any obligation to buy from them, but of course you will as it has an emotional heart string attached and/or you've already semi invested in it. This is why most places will not allow you to have access to the high res files as it enables you to do as you please in terms of printing them yourself at home or trying your luck at a lab. You still can't use the photos commercially (for profit) should a company come knocking and wanting your face and that photographer's image to represent their brand for instance, as you will not own the copyright and you/they would face legal action. Printing them off for friends and family without permission however means a loss of control at source, meaning you must come back and spend more every time a family member wants a copy or you change your mind about your favourite photo. To add to this, said prints may also be done in house and of an average standard which is why some photographers also prefer to keep their high res images under lock and key so no one is seeing cheap versions of their work. Printing it's self is a highly technical business that leaves alot of photographers ill informed too.
Where I choose to be different is that i'm giving you a price that i think not only reflects the quality of my work but is arguably cheap in terms of giving you access to the high res *edited* files. This is a quality and not a quantity offer too, you will not get ALL the files, you will get several (usually between 6-20) that have been retouched to a high standard. I'm a photographer and not a sales person or a middle man, i'd prefer you to have that freedom and for me to do my job to the best standard I can without distractions. So along with the quality control of the print from a professional lab which is included in any of the packages, I will sign a release form that allows you to *print* the images as you wish. Any respectable print lab, even a high street one like boots, should question the credentials of the image if it appears to be professionally taken. Most people may not realise it but digital images can be encrypted with such data which also lists the copyright and contact information, so labs will not want to land them selves in hot water either. In the UK the photographer will always own the copyright to their photos the second they click the shutter and therefore their images are instantly protected by law should they be used without permission and this extends to printing. However you are welcome to come back to me if you'd prefer me to do it via a professional lab, otherwise, once you have your high res images, feel free to get them printed. I'm confident that'll you'll understand the quality from the pro lab print and if there's any vast differences say between your chosen high street/online lab such as snapfish and a pro lab like white wall or loxley colour, you'll pass that information on to who views them..