Family & Event Photography

I have a background in live music, corporate and event photography.  I've also recently bought a Canon R5, which is their current flagship mirrorless camera, and would improve consistency in these genre's tenfold; for it's autofocusing system alone.  While I left the majority of those days back in the Midlands to concentrate on the studio and portraiture here in north Wales, you are welcome to enquire!  I do not offer weddings, but I am happy to do bridal images as per those on this page.


 Equally, I do not offer family photography.  I'd one day love to bring in a consistent shooter to Splash Point Photo who has a love for genre, but I myself prefer the more editorial side of things.  If you wish to work with me for bridal and editorial styled images, by which in short I consider to be more magazine styled 'modelly' and strongly lit images than group family photos, then please see the portraits page here as an example of my work.