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Hennesseys shot by Russ at Splash Point Photo Photography Studio

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My favourite type of event photography is absolutely candid!  Capturing those smiles and the off the cuff moments people don't know you've caught.  Sometimes, however, it's the moment when they realise that is special!  Take the above photo for instance, as it always makes me laugh, even to this day.  Several years back I was tasked with photographing the fun, frolics, feel and general ambience at a pub in Birmingham who had the claim to the biggest outdoor screen in a beer garden in Europe during the Euros competition.  The three guys here were happy and chatty throughout, but capturing them stealing foliage off the tree to put on their bald mate's head was the one, and it was only amplified when they realised I'd got them, and then I got that shot.

Having that freedom to move and shoot will always be my preference, which is why I don't have much interest in Weddings given the heavy workload of formal images you need to acquire, aka herding cats, but hey, if you want me to be a second shooter to roam doing all the shallow depth, creative quirks and general laughs and smiles, then I could be convinced, but you'd need to find your main guy/gal to take the brunt as it's not something I wish to take on or organise.  These days in North Wales, Splash Point Photo Photography Studio and portraiture is my main priority, but I do still do the occasional public and open space event, so do feel free to inquire.  Birthday parties and wedding receptions are not my vibe, sorry!

In stark contrast, I do love a quirky event to photograph, especially those with funky costumes and cool props, be it a Comic Con, Flashmob Zombie Walk, or an exhibition style event such as the actual Gadget show back in its heyday.  I also used to be the official photographer of the St Patrick's Day Parade in Birmingham, which is the 3rd biggest in the world.. and that bit of trivia even made it as a question on the Chase!  It's also where I saw the epic
Joe Broughton's Conservatoire Folk Ensemble for the first time, and as someone who has stood through a billion gigs, if you ever get the chance to catch those guys 50  members strong, it's highly recommended!

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