Photography 101s

In a new series we're calling "One minute 101's", we introduce you to studio photography lighting, modifiers, set-ups etc, that you can apply practically Here at Splash Point Photo. They're primarily aimed at new photographers who are looking to build confidence because of having little from no studio experience, and finding the whole concept a little intimidating.  They're designed to be a little repetitive without being preachy and arrogant, slowly introducing the basics and some jargon that is either explained along the way, or quickly after, to keep the brain active and asking questions.  In reality with them only being one minute, they're social media friendly, simple, and to the point, and without ever being too much to digest for anyone with a basic understanding of manual cameras. 


As well as being available here, they'll be on our YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, so we hope those who don't use Splash Point can come across them and benefit too.  However, they're especially useful for those booking with us for the first time as they feature some of our studio spaces and equipment, so even if you're not new to studio work, you can get a head start on what we have here.  Narrated by local photographer Alex Bytheway, we're assured that they're highly soothing and relaxing to listen to too, so you may even get a little ASMR!


If the quality of the video is lacking, please hit the cog and switch it up to HD :)

Getting started with strobes

Lighting Patterns

Multiple Light Set Ups


Light Modifiers