Studio Days for Photographers

Are you a keen hobbyist photographer that has always wanted to try portraiture?  Or are you experienced and fancy shooting experienced & touring models in your backyard rather than travelling to Chester?  Liverpool?  Manchester?  Maybe you just want to take advantage of our fully equipped awesome studio space? 

Our studio boasts a 5m30 in built white infinity curve, a selection of 2.7 colour paper drops, some awesome free floating steps to the balcony and an epic illuminated wall made of neon and LED signs... and that's probably forgetting loads!?  How about the Pool?  That Hallway?  Hey, we have a custom printed skateboard made of Splash Point Photo photography that has been turned in to a light and is being used over the MUA desk as a Hollywood mirror light!  Don't take our word for it, Natasha Kalashnikova recently said it was her favourite studio too, which is high praise indeed from a relentlessly touring model who has her own studio!  Studio day's are typically priced at 50ph, but on occasion that may change!

Past Days