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About Your Photographer

I'm an exhibited, awarded and published photographer who loves quirky portraiture with bespoke touches.  In the last 3 months of 2017 alone I had pieces in exhibitions in both Thessaloniki, Greece and Madrid, Spain while also having a couple of pages residing in Photoplus, the off the shelf Canon only magazine.  I'm also often found on the competition circuit and regularly working with models, so along with a multitude of experience shooting a cross section of people, i've also picked up numerous ranked and commended images and the odd passing comment from celebrity photographer Rankin too.

So why this and why now now?

Simply put, my  photography interests are so vast and quirky that it's hard for people to pin me down and see what I can offer them.  As Gordon Ramsay may advise a struggling restaurant not to have too big of a menu, my aim with Splash Point Photo is to incorporate a handful of amazing portrait genres and show you exactly what you'll be getting (with bespoke touches of course).  Choose the Tom Daley (Olympic sized) package, and experience them all!

About The Location

We can be found about a mile up the road from Rhyl town and the main seaside prom destination.  We're quite literally just over the road from North Wales's best sandy beach.  Coining the name Splash Point Photo due to the underwater nature of our most unique offering, it's actually also the name of the area which inhabits the top end of said beach.  Equally we're about a mile from Rhyl's train station too, or a 20 minute walk if you prefer, plus there's some strong bus links too.  We also may be able to offer on site accommodation, but please bare in mind that we're not a hotel.

Splash-Point Photography offers
-A fully equipped photography studio for editorial standard portraits and a general creative working space.

-A good sized private pool for both underwater and water based pool themed shoots.

-A beautiful neutral boudoir bedroom space with both natural light and/or flash, time and weather depending.

-MISC Set Ideas - also at the location we have a few other areas of interest i can exploit for great images such a a balcony, small brick courtyard and a beautiful grand hallway as you can see from the galleries.


If that wasn't amazing enough, the 'Daley' (we best call it that for copyright reasons) means we could include a second day of semi candid portraiture where you could check out near by sights and attractions with a loved one(s) and me in tow trying to capture real moments. You'll get used to the camera after a bit, but we can of course take less formal staged shots too or pick up some shots we wanted to shoot but ran out of time doing so the previous day.



If you don't fancy walking the Rhyl beach front and playing the arcade and seaside attractions, then not far from our location is the famous Talacre lighthouse which also has some pretty cool sledgable dunes!  Just over in the small attractive town of Abergele is the Gwrych Castle ruins, and then there is the Bodelwyddan Castle and Park, Conwy Castle, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, and much more.  If you really get stuck, how about hopping over the boarder in to Chester?  Or if you're the action type and need your gym fix or fancy a fitness shoot, well my sister has Beach Body (fitness) studios over in Denbigh in a listed church hall!  There's plenty we could potentially do or you could check out after visiting Splash Point Photo!